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 Exam Types

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Abe no Masahiro
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PostSubject: Exam Types   Thu Jun 26, 2008 5:29 pm

The exam will be like asking question, quiz, something like that;

1)A mononoke(a small white tiger)has broke your barrier in your house and is targeting your sister.The mononole has wind ability, very fast and so on. What would you do first if you are 120m from your room to your sister's(you're in a japanese house)?

2)Which of the following is a defend spell;

i)"On abira unkyan sharakutan!",
ii)"The army that faces,
the ones who battle,
and go forth!" or
iii)"My body is mine,
i am the one who raises the sheild of god!"

something like that, there are more difficult types of question than that so be ready anytime i pick one of you and take the test!!!
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Exam Types
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