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A place to learn and be an onmyoji to exorcise evil spirits, lift curse and so on.
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 Exorcism Dorm

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Abe no Masahiro
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Star Onmyouji

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PostSubject: Exorcism Dorm   Thu Jun 26, 2008 5:36 pm

Who ever wants to be the leadr of this dorm please ask me. Then i will look at your registration form to see if you are goo enough to be one.

Leaders should becareful with your other classmates. You too can assist me in helping to teach them after i thought you some spells. I will need to teach the leaders first before proceeding on to the real teaching.

Please no spamming,
Please no offending,
Please no casting curse for vengence,
more so.
Keep the place clean.

more info will be here!
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Exorcism Dorm
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