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 His Family

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Abe no Masahiro
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PostSubject: His Family   Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:03 am

House of Abe

Abe no Masahiro/Masahiro Abe (安倍昌浩, Abe no Masahiro?)

An Onmyouji in training and the grandson of the legendary Abe no Seimei. As a young child, his spiritual sight was so strong that Seimei temporarily sealed it away until he was old enough to properly use it. After meeting Mokkun (Touda/Guren), Masahiro regained his spirit sight and embraced his destiny as an Onmyouji in service to the emperor. He is friendly and kind to both youkai and people whom he seeks to protect from evil demons who had taken up residence surrounding the imperial capital. Although he is sometimes cocky and clumsy, there are moments when he utilizes powers beyond those of a mere apprentice which is why Seimei claims he is the only one who can succeed him. Masahiro greatly resents being known only as "Seimei's grandson" and trains hard to surpass his grandfather. In addition to his magic, Masahiro later receives a sword called the Gouma no Tsurugi (Devil conquering sword) which was forged by Seimei. He cares a lot about his friends, his family and his love, Princess Akiko whom he vows to protect no matter what.
Masahiro Abe (left) and Guren/Touda (right)
Masahiro Abe (left) and Guren/Touda (right)

Abe no Seimei/Seimei Abe (安倍晴明, Abe no Seimei?)

The greatest Onmyouji in the history of Japan, Abe no Seimei is the grandfather of Masahiro. He has Twelve Shikigami called the Shinshou (heavenly summons) under his command and is able to project his soul (which takes the form of his younger self) outside of his body in order to aide Masahiro in combat. Doing so however leaves his body defenseless should an enemy attack. He constantly needles Masahiro to push him further in his journey as a sort of reverse psychology which causes Masahiro to refer to Seimei as a "sly tanuki" or raccoon. Rumor has it that Seimei's mother was not human but a powerful fox spirit which may explain why he is so powerful. Despite showing such a happy attitude, there were two moments of his life that he was sad, the first when he couldn't save his only best friend, Ryuusai and secondly the death of his wife, Wakana whom he loved deeply.

Abe no Yoshimasa (安倍吉昌, Abe no Yoshimasa?)

Masahiro's father and Seimei's youngest son. He is married to Tsuyuki and has three sons: Narichika, Masachika and Masahiro. He has a doctorate in star-gazing and is a prominent figure in the onmyou world. However, he is not as powerful as Seimei or Masahiro (after he realizes his potential). Yoshimasa realizes that Masahiro is the true heir to Seimei, acknowledged by Touda, as he is the only one not afraid of his aura. He is a kind and supportive father, taking holidays for Masahiro when he goes to fight and purposefully ignoring his nightly escapades.

Abe no Narichika (安倍成親, Abe no Narichika?)

Yoshimasa's eldest son and Masahiro's oldest brother. He has an easygoing personality and is, personality wise out of the three brothers, most similar to Seimei. He married into his wife's family and has two sons and a daughter. Narichika has a doctorate in calender and date studies, making him a highly recognized figure in the dorm. He cares for his family and Masahiro a lot.
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His Family
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