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 His Love one's Family

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Abe no Masahiro
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PostSubject: His Love one's Family   Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:04 am

House of Fujiwara

Fujiwara no Akiko (藤原彰子, Fujiwara no Akiko?)

Akiko is an imperial princess and the daughter of the minister of the left. She and Masahiro first meet in the Imperial Palace after his coming of age and the two become good friends after he saves her from a demon attack. As series progress, both of them fall in love with each other. Akiko is special as she possesses a Kenki ability (the ability to see demons) greater than even Seimei and because of this, during the beginning of the series, the foreign demons constantly attack her to deliver Akiko as a sacrifice to their master. They manage to capture her but Masahiro and his allies were able to save her but not before the demons gave a curse wound on her hand. Halfway through the series, Akiko's father attempted to introduce her into the imperial court as a wife for the Emperor, thereby separating her from Masahiro forever. In her moment of sadness, Kyukki was able to put a powerful curse through her wounded hand. While the curse was eventually removed, but according to Seimei the aftereffects of the curse was so serious to Akiko that an Onmyoji was required keep the curse from overwhelming her. As a result she wasn't sent to imperial court as that would bring bad luck to the Emperor so her half-sister Shouko, who looks exactly the same as her, was sent into the palace in her place. Akiko was instead sent to live with Seimei's family to deal with the curse under the identity as distant relative of theirs. There are suggestions, that Seimei had tricked Akiko's father into thinking that so she and Masahiro could remain close since he knows about their feelings for each other. At the Abe residence, Akiko remains a strong help to Masahiro and helps around the house, learning to do things ordinary girls do like going shopping by herself thanks to the help of Masahiro's mother.

Fujiwara no Yukinari (藤原行成, Fujiwara no Yukinari?)

The minister of the right to the Emperor whose primary duty is the management and upkeep of the imperial capital. Yukinari takes a liking to Masahiro from the moment they meet and constantly encourages him to advance in his studies because he knows he will be a powerful Onmyomji like Seimei, which of course promotes a high amount of jealousy among Masahiro's peers in the Onmyou dorms. Seimei helped him long ago and because of this Yukinari offered to be Masahiro's guardian at his coming of age ceremony in return. During the series, he was cursed by a vengeful spirit who had mistaken him for his grandfather but the spirit was later excorised by Masahiro. He also seems to be aware of Masahiro's activities fighting demons.

Fujiwara no Toshitsugu (藤原敏次, Fujiwara no Toshitsugu?)

Two years Masahiro's senior, Toshitsugu works at the Onmyou dorms with him. He is a diligent worker that values effort and hard work above all else. Toshitsugu was the first person that talked to Masahiro but after a misunderstanding of seeing Masahiro at night when he was supposed to be at home on rest, Toshitsugu's attitude became harsh and critical, saying he shouldn't do as he wish just because of his family's influence. Toshitsugu shows promise as an onmyouji by 'normal' standards (not compared to Seimei or Masahiro). He does not know of Masahiro's power but gets suspicious after a cloaked Masahiro saves him. Toshitsugu was possessed by a vengeful spirit summoned by Kazane in the Kazane arc and placed a curse on Yukinari who had taken care of him since he was young. Masahiro eventually breaks the curse and he retained no memory of the incident.
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His Love one's Family
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