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 His Friends

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Abe no Masahiro
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PostSubject: His Friends   Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:06 am

Takaokami no Kami

The Dragon goddess of Kifune Mountain. She is a very powerful god that the 12 Shikigami including Seimei respect. When Kyuuki and his demons came to Japan, he manipulated Akiko's cousin Keiko to seal her so that he and his demons could hide at Kifune Mountain without interference. She was later freed by Masahiro who used his magic to break the seal. As a sign of gratitude, she saves Masahiro's life after he is stabbed by a possessed Akiko. She would later help Masahiro and his companions when the capital is in trouble. She usually appears as a White Dragon but later appears as a purple haired woman in her 30's usually telling anyone to call Takao when she is in her human form. She first took over Mashiro's body to discuss important issues with Guren regarding Mashiro but later decides to tell the latter herself in her human form. She later gave Masahiro the power to kill gods in order to kill Guren who has been corrupted.

Fujiwara no Yukinari (藤原行成, Fujiwara no Yukinari?)

Fujiwara no Toshitsugu (藤原敏次, Fujiwara no Toshitsugu?)

The Zakki

The term 'zakki' is used to refer to the lower demons. Since Masahiro exorcised Ban Ban, a demon that was attacking the zakki, they now act as informants for Masahiro, telling him of any strange happenings or sightings. In the anime, the zakki are usually represented by three demons; a lizard with three eyes, a yellow skinned gremlin and a pink, round ball. The Zakki usually appear by suddenly dropping out of the sky and landing on his head and calling him "Seimei's grandson" much to his dismay


A youkai who resembles a carriage with a wide-mouthed ogre's face mounted on the left wheel. Masahiro first encountered Kurumanosuke while patrolling the streets of the capital and almost exorcised him for allegedly attacking a human, but spared him after realizing Kuramanosuke was only trying to help a drunk who had passed out in the street. Afterwards, Kuramanosuke accepted Masahiro as his master and began serving as his personal transporter. When the capital was invaded by the Demons from the Underworld, it was Kurumanosuke who help hid the Zakki in his carriage to save their lives.
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His Friends
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