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 His Enemies

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Abe no Masahiro
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PostSubject: His Enemies   Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:07 am


The leader of the foreign demons, Kyuuki's form is that of a gigantic winged tiger with horns and saber fangs but can also assume the shape of a massive demon bull. After losing his territory in China to a rival demon, Kyuuki and his army of demons seek to establish a new territory in Japan, specifically around the imperial capital. Although possessing incredible strength and power, Kyuuki is hampered by a massive wound on his throat inflicted by the demon which chased him from China and which requires the consumption of someone possessing great spiritual power in order to heal. As Seimei is too strong for him to attack, Kyuuki targets Masahiro instead but also pursues Akiko as well for her Kenki ability and also because beautiful long haired girls are his favorite food. He usually has his followers attack his enemies and uses his enemies desires to control them. He is eventually killed when Masahiro uses the Gouma no Tsurugi to stab him though the chest in order to transmit a spell directly into Kyuuki's body.

Princess Keiko

Princess Keiko is Akiko's cousin and a member of the Fujiwara clan. She was once engage to a man she was about to marry but the man married another woman instead. What was humiliating and angered her was the fact that the woman he married was from a lower noble family and had begged the man to marry her. Heartbroken, Kyuuki uses that to his advantage to possess her with the promise that if she helps him, he will curse the wife of his beloved which will force him to leave her to be with Keiko again. While the possessing made her sick and bedridden, she was able to leave her home using her cursed spirit to travel. She helped Kyuuki by sealing the Dragon Goddess of Kifune Mountain so his army could hid the mountain. She was willing to do anything to be with the man she loved, even killing anyone who gets in her way & sacrificing her cousin Akiko. Her possessed spirit was finally exorcised by Seimei and she wakes up in her home not remembering what had happened.

Ban Ban

Looking like a giant-bodied rat with the head of a turtle, he was one of Kyukki's followers. He was also the demon that made Masahiro realize that the demons he was fighting were from China. He first appears in Masahiro dreams and later attack the Zakki in their hideout where he dies bleeding from his injuries from fighting Mokkun and Masahiro.

Gaku and Shun

These two bird demons were Kyuuki's advisors and lieutenants to his followers. Both of them always looks down upon their opponents believing all of them are weak. They were also responsible for putting a cursed wound on Akiko's hand. Due to their overconfidence, they were finally killed by Masahiro and the Shikigamis.


The 'daughter' of Ryuusai. She is a formidable fighter, able to use magic and weapons as well. She is able to stand her ground and even defeat Seiryu and Genbu in a 2-on-1 battle. She has a deep hatred for Guren because she believes that he killed her father. She has a crow for a companion named Kai and cares very deeply for it. She and Rikugou seem to have feelings for each other. Rikugou has the most confrontations with her and ended up falling in love with her. He tried to convince her that Chigaeshi no Guuji is just using her to open the underworld but she replied that it is of her own free will.

It is later reveal that see is not really Ryuusai's daughter but in fact the daughter of the Priestess of the Overturned Earth. She was kidnapped by Guuji when she was young and had her memories sealed. She was trained by Ryuusai and was told a lie that Seimei and Guren were responsible for her parents' death. Unknown to her, she was secretly used to open the first gates of the underworld due to the fact only those related to the Priestess can open the gate. When she found out the truth and was weakened by Ryuusai/Guuji to open the gate, she tried to escape from the underworld demons and her crow Kai sacrificed his life by teleporting her away. Sadly, it was all vain as she was killed by a demon who stabbed her through the chest. Despite being a villain, she was still a good person since did care about Princess Nagako and tried to send her back to her family as she regretted kidnapping and using her in the first place. Her last moments before dying were with Rikugou who held her in his arms where she learned his real name. Her necklace was used to defeat Guuji and was later given to Rikugou by her mother who later brought her daughter's body back to their home.

Enoki Ryuusai

Seimei's only best friend and a powerful onmyoji. Ryuusai while was not as powerful as Seimei, had learnt the Baku-kon spell, a spell that could forcefully control anyone and a spell that Seimei dislikes. 50 years ago, he accompanied Seimei to Izumo to check a disturbance there despite objection by Seimei not to follow him. There, he and Seimei meet The Chigaeshi no Miko who he fell deeply in love with. He was soon manipulated by Guuji to kidnap the Priestess and break the seal of the underworld and made to believe that by doing so, he could get the Priestess all for himself. When Guren and Seimei tried to stop him, he uses the Baku-kon spell on Guren and made him try to kill Seimei. He was finally killed by Guren but his body would be later used by Guuji's soul. Guuji uses his body to help him in his plan with the promise he could still get the Priestess all for himself. His body was finally destroyed by Rikugou & Seimei and his spirit thanks Seimei for freeing him.

Chishiki no Guuji

The Shrine Priest of Knowledge. The real villain that hass been controlling Kazane and Ryuusai. Seimei and his Spirit Summons fought him once before many years ago, but now he has returned to open the Gates of the Underworld. Rikugou was the first one to realize he was back because he heard Kazane talking to him through a second head protruding from her crow, Kai. When he was mortally injured, he transfered his soul into Ryuusai's body to continue his plans. He trained Kazane & lied about what happen to her parents so she would help him open the gates of the underworld. He later also controls Touda since his blood was needed to break the final seal. He was finally killed, ironically by Kazane's necklace.
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His Enemies
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